Overview to the Method which I named after Ben Hogan:

“In this general connection, I found out that it helps me immensely to bring along a
notebook, and pencil to the practice tee and to write down after each session
just what it
was I had been working on,
exactly how it was coming, and precisely where it was that I
should resume my testing the next time I went out to practice.
Ben Hogan

To begin with, you must understand that all elite performers in all sporting activities utilize some
techniques that typically are not well known or widely practiced by lesser skilled players, and that
mastery through practice by and large occurs through consciously applying the following:

1. First, you must create "standards" for every aspect of your game then, you must continually
elevate those standards beyond your current level of demonstrated ability.

2. Each practice activity must be expressly designed to concentrate and improve
objectively a
specific aspect of your performance.

3. You must focus ruthlessly on improving every aspect of your game with no regard for your
current level of ability. Everything can be better! Meaning, you never stop working!

4. Recognize, expect and seek out critical, honest, objective, truthful and even embarrassing and
painful feedback.
Feedback will tell you exactly just how good, or bad, you really are!

5. Work on a technique, skill or performance by deliberately setting up the next experience in
advance. You must have a
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6. Ideally, in this system, you will reach such a high level of competence that you will end each
practice day by
failing every drill, exam or activity!

Deliberate Practice: "activity that's explicitly intended to improve performance, by reaching
for objectives just beyond ones level of competence, while providing feedback on results and
involves high levels of repetition."

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The "Hogan Method"