Hogan's Ghost
What is "Hogan's Ghost?"

"How I wish I had known what I know today when I was a youngster just
starting out!"
Ben Hogan.

Did you know that the legendary Ben Hogan was a failure, a complete and utter failure just like many
of you, until things began to change in 1938. So, what happened that changed everything after almost
10 years of trying, going broke and trying again and again? What Ben Hogan discovered then is the
essence of  "Hogan's Ghost." (You must be a graduate of the
Basic Scoring Program to benefit.)

If Ben Hogan were alive today would you want to know what he knows and would you want him to be
your personal coach and share that knowledge with you? Now ask yourself the real question:

"Would I do what Ben Hogan tells me to do?"

I once asked myself; “if I did what Ben Hogan did, would I get what he got?” The next questions that
followed were; “what did he do, and if I actually knew what he did would I, and could I, do it?”

From those questions came the idea of what if Hogan himself were to tell me, no more than just tell me,
but coach me one on one, could I actually do what he did? Now, Mr. Hogan died in 1997 at the age
of 84, so the only way that he himself could coach me, or anyone else, was if he should, somehow,
return as a spirit or apparition. Knowing that the return of this man in spirit form, was at best unlikely, I
decided to create my own Imaginary Coach Hogan or "Hogan's Ghost."

To create this detailed of a coaching program, I needed to know everything that there was to know
about the man, his life, his likes and dislikes, and of course I wanted to know everything about his
practice habits and his game. I wanted to know what he thought and I wanted to know what he did. I
wanted to know how and what he practiced, and I wanted to know how he played. It took 8 years of
research, testing, trials and errors, but it finally came together and it works!

"It really boils down to learning and practicing a few fundamentals until
performing them becomes almost as instinctive as walking."
Ben Hogan
This is not a golf swing program. This is a lifelong experience!