Services and Programs
What I Offer: (all prices are set for 2016.)
Professional Scoring Program: Tournament and Event Preparation.
Full on "Sparring" program designed and proven to prepare elite players to play their very
best. Sparring, in its simplest form, is training under controlled circumstances. It’s an on-
course learning opportunity where specific lessons, skills or techniques are practiced in a
simulated environment that is open only to graduates of the Basic Scoring Program.

Conducted on site only and requires a refundable $1,000.00 program deposit.

Basic Scoring Program.
Complete workbook featured as Chapter 12 of "Golf's Scoring Secret." 24 complete working
sessions that will improve performance and lower scores while establishing a base for future  
On site fee: $250.00 per day/$900.00 per week. Off site fee: $200.00 for
Workbook includes 4 months of Distance Coaching.

Professional Off-Site Scoring Program: "Hogan's Ghost."
An advanced, intense and ongoing personal coaching program that is open only to graduates
of the Basic Scoring Program, who play, or intend to play, professional tournament golf. This
is the ultimate test of your desire, dedication and discipline.  Official Workbook features
"Sparring Matches" that replicate tournament stress and pressure. It is an experience like no
other, with results to match.  
$600 Workbook fee plus $50 per month.

Supervised Practice.
Open only to graduates of the Basic Scoring Program.. Features "Deliberate Practice." On site
fee: $500 per week or $150.00 per day.