creates Excellen
"The Official Basic Workbook"

I believe, and prove everyday, everyone is capable of excellence, I guide my clients through the
steps of “deliberate practice,” and ultimately, help them learn to be their own coach. With
deliberate practice, my clients not only improve upon current skills, but they also extend the reach
and range of those skills.
"The Pursuit of Perfection Creates Excellence."

I have made available the complete official workbook featured as Chapter 12 of "Golf's Scoring
Secret" to non-residential students. Now you don't have to travel to Memphis to have access to
this program. Coupled with "distance coaching" you can reap the benefits of the pursuit of

This workbook, which features 24 complete working sessions encompassing 40 hours of
instruction, will improve performance and lower scores while establishing a base for future
improvement. Just follow the program, page by page, it's that simple.