About Ed Myers Golf
What I do:
I’m a Certified Performance Coach, and I’ve been a CPC for more than 30 years. I’m the Founder
and Director of the Guaranteed Success Institute and the Golf Performance and Learning Center.
I’ve developed, under the guidance of Rob Akins, the very successful
Performance, Scoring
and Short Game
School, which came about because I’d learned how to get up and down from
“anywhere” thanks to Paul Runyon.

I conducted the
"The Short Game School," "Four Day Scoring Program," the "PGA Q-
School" and Tournament Prep programs on site at Memphis National Golf Club.

Individual instruction for PGA Tour members is conducted at the TPC: Southwind.
Individual and group instruction for all others is conducted at Vantage Point Golf Center.

I am also the author of "Golf's Scoring Machine," "Golf's Scoring Secret" and "Playing Great Golf:
The Scoring Trilogy" and "The Scoring Seminar."

With the purchase of "The Basic Workbook for Golf's Scoring Secret" you have a link to me
through "distance coaching" and support is never more than a mouse click away.

The complete "Deliberate Practice" system that has been adapted and proven for golf, and used
by PGA Tour Professionals is now available in this workbook:

"Playing Great Golf: The Scoring Trilogy. Is sold out and is no longer available. The Basic
Scoring Program plus Work Book is available for $200 plus s/h.

"Sparring, in its simplest form, is tournament preparation under controlled circumstances."

The Professional Scoring and Performance Program uses on-course training, called
"sparring", with a live opponent or competitor, to simulate the tournament or
championship golf environment in order to introduce stress and pressure to the learning
experience. Sparring, in its simplest form, is practice under controlled circumstances. It’s
an on course learning opportunity where specific lessons, skills or techniques are
practiced in a simulated environment.