Professional Coaching: On-site
The Professional Scoring Program known as "Sparring" is a form of on course training which
adds realistic and sustained "pressure" to the practice. Once you master the drills you must
master yourself, and that is accomplished under pressure.  "Sparring" is a real time simulation
of what tournament pressure really feels like. The "Sparring Workbook" is only available on-site.

Lee Westwood: "I would have practiced as hard, but I would have made my
practice more meaningful ...I would have worked more on my short game and
putting. I would have done more drills to make the practice meaningful by adding
pressure to practice as much as possible."

Program Administration: The initial on site program fee for the Professional Scoring and Performance Program
is $1,000.00, which will be deposited into your administrative account. All match fees, fines and required
disbursements will be subtracted from your balance, while all rewards, bonuses and reimbursements will be
added to your balance. All entries to your account ledger will be made when earned, and a running balance will
be available and disclosed upon request.

Should you complete all 10 matches any remaining balance will be paid to you as a program refund. In fact,
should you play very well and pass all “matches” on the first attempt, you will have earned at least a 100%
return of your program deposit. Should you quit before attempting all 10 matches any positive balance will be
foreit as a penalty and it will be retained by the program administration.

Should the balance of your program fee be reduced to zero before completion of all 10 matches you will be
required to make a deposit sufficient enough to cover any upcoming matches and/or contingent liabilities
before you will be allowed to continue in the program. All match fees, bonuses, rewards and fines are disclosed
with the instructions for each match. It is your responsibility to play well and earn what you can. It is our
responsibility to keep track of the proceeds.

Initial program participation is conducted on-site, and you will only receive that part of the workbook that you
are currently attempting. Arrangements can be made to continue the program off-site if necessary.

To be completely fair and forthcoming you should understand that completion of the program is entirely
dependent upon your ability to play, accomplish, succeed and win. There isn’t an established time basis. How
long it takes is how long it takes. It could take days, weeks, months or years. Meaning its up to you.

The Basic Scoring Program plus Work Book is available for $200 plus s/h.