Performance Coaching
The Role of the Coach
I train players in golf specific techniques and activities with the same focus that a personal trainer
approaches physical fitness. All "world class" performers, to include champions in all sports,
discovered that greatness required a special approach to practice, training, preparation or
"WORK." This special work is known as "Perfect Practice" or "Deliberate Practice."

Deliberate Practice: "an activity that's explicitly intended to improve performance
by reaching for objectives just beyond your level of competence, while providing
objective feedback on results involving high levels of repetition."
Anders Ericsson

This concept, which I call "Golf’s Scoring Secret," is my promise that you’ll actually become
"machine-like" in your uncanny ability to score in a way that’s natural for you. Machine-like in this
sense refers to a repetitive, and subconscious, ability to completely “trust” your swing, make
correct and timely decisions and focus only upon scoring when playing in any environment or
condition anywhere, all of the time. (You will get out, and stay out of your own way!)

“It's like eating. You don't think to feed yourself. If you have to think about your
swing it takes that much away from your scoring concentration.”
Byron Nelson

I developed a complete, tested and proven program that gives everyone a specific path to
become the best player they can be. The organization, practice techniques and philosophy of
Ben Hogan inspired this program. Hogan discovered, contrary to popular belief, that how good
you become at golf has more to do with
how you do the work than it has to do with performing
the skill a large number of times or over a long length of time.

The Basic Scoring Program, featuring deliberate practice, is training which adds realistic and
sustained pursuit of excellence to the practice. Once you master the drills you must master
yourself, and that is accomplished under pressure. Perfect practice is a real time simulation of
what tournament pressure really feels like. The Basic Scoring Workbook is now available to
"Distance Coaching" clients.

Now, through "Distance Coaching" or
"Hogan's Ghost" everyone, everywhere can benefit from
my direct support. Using technology and the Basic Workbook everyone has access to me and my