“I think you've helped Shaun a lot!” Matt Killen PGA Tour Swing Coach

Rob Akins: Top 50 instructor: "Deliberate Practice” is essential, and Ed Myers is a great coach!"

Matt Killen: Golf Instructor, Kenny Perry and Shaun Micheel’s swing coach: “I think you have helped Shaun a lot!
Everything that Shaun and I have worked on mechanically for the last two years is now sound and he just has to
get out of his own way. I look forward to hearing from you again soon.”

Will Taylor: Director of Instruction; TPC/Southwind: "Ed Myers has taken golf instruction to a new level. I have
incorporated many of his techniques and concepts into my teaching, and I don’t hesitate to introduce him to any
of my students."

Dave McKendrick:  European and Asian Tour player: "I'm doing the drills and I can't believe how bad I was! Now I
know why all of the hard work I did on my swing didn't improve my ability to score."

Allan McAfee: 2005 Memphis Open Champion, Head Golf Professional, Memphis National : "I wish I had this
program when I got out of college. I am convinced that I would be on the PGA Tour."

Richard Flores: Mini-Tour Player, St. Louis: "I gained more knowledge, and the ability to use that knowledge, in 3
hours with you than I had in the past 5 years, and I have spent more than just a little time with some big name

Brian Abraham: Memphis: "Very knowledgeable teacher. Been around the game for a long time, teaches some
the local pros, and knows what you are doing wrong instantly. Can't wait to line up some more lessons with him. "

Geoff Jones: "Dave (McKendrick) told me he greatly enjoyed spending time with you. He also said that your
words reinforced what I've been attempting to bang through his VERY hard head for several years now. ;-) I
greatly appreciate the assistance...:-)"

Chris Thompson: Hooter's Tour and owner of Vantage Point Golf Center: "Thanks again for all of your help, it has
certainly had a major impact on the way I play and manage my game."

Chris Hynes: Victoria, Australia: "I'm reading your book and doing all it says. You're a genius and it's a gem."

Tom Johnson PGA Tour:  "immediate impact in my approach to the game and created excitement in the process
that I haven't felt since I was a junior golfer."